Trout Love

Bleu and Jessica's Trip

Bleu and Jessica traveled from Michigan to trout fish with us last week. Trout fishing on the Little Red was something they had never experienced, but the two had family here and knew about the world class fishing. We hit the water early to jump ahead of the tail waters. Of course we track generation and many other factors to give our customers the best experience possible. Bleu and Jessica took tons of photos and soaked up the scenery on the boat ride up river. It truly is a beautiful place to be when the sun comes up and the fog is rolling down the river.

Foggy river

I knew a little about Bleu's fishing experience from talking to him when he booked the trip. What I didn't know is that Jessica had never held a rod and reel. That's right, she had never fished, never even held a fish. Guiding someone who had never cast a rod and reel was a first for me. I took the challenge head on and I think she did quite well for herself. I cast the line out a few times to show her how the reel worked and the movement needed for the lure. Bleu wasted no time and was already casting away. They quickly landed a few nice rainbows and even pulled a few Doubles! That's what we call it when both clients have a fish on at the same time.

Jessica and Bleu with a couple of Rainbow Trout

After an action packed morning, we snagged a shady spot on the water, had lunch and recapped the morning's catches. Bleu was most excited about that Brown he caught. Ok, so he probably won't make the cover of Field & Stream, but I don't think he minded the size. He was just pumped to have reeled in a Brown he wanted so badly

Bleu's tiny Brown Trout

We finished up lunch and got back to the grind. Jessica was determined to catch a Brown and refused to stop fishing, even when Bleu took a break to rest his casting arm and take in more scenery. It didn't take long for the water to rise on us so we headed down river. I had a couple of honey holes that would hopefully produce a big Brown before we made it to the dock. 

As soon as the lure hit the water, she looked at me and said Beau I'm hung up on something. I gave it a little pop and I knew she had a nice fish on. I handed the pole to her and talked her through reel. When it rolled, we knew what was on the end of that line. I netted it and started handing out the high fives. Jessica had her Brown. 

Jessica and I posed with her prize Brown Trout

Jessica and I posed with her prize Brown Trout

We posed them up for a few photos and she said let’s set it free so someone else can catch it. They sat down the rods and we headed back to the dock. I could see it on their faces, they had a blast. That's the look I want to see every time I take a client on a trip. We had a great time with you guys, come back and fish with us soon!