Trout fishing

Look Ma, We're on TV!

Ok, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we do have a new brand documentary courtesy of our friend Tim Trieschmann over at Arkansas Home Photography. Tim and his family are fantastic clients of ours and he wanted to help us spread the word about our brand of guided fishing trips. In addition to the fishing, we also wanted to show off the beautiful Lobo Landing Resort. Lobo Landing is our home for trout fishing, but we also have several lodging partners on the property. See details about that over on the Lodging tab of our site. 

Ok, if you have the popcorn ready, kick back and see it for yourself!

Well, what did you think? Go ahead and let us know in the comments below. If you're ready to go fishing, just click over here and book your next adventure. Fish on!

Nice Outfitter You Have On

Let's talk about fashion. Ok, maybe not fashion, but we are going to talk about wearable gear when you're out exploring the natural state. Are you in?

Raise your hand if you own an article of clothing made in Arkansas. I bet most of you waved your hand in the air (like you just didn't care). I think every member of my family owns an article of clothing made in Arkansas. We're proud of our home and that means we want to support Arkansas businesses.

When we launched this guide service, I had a few goals in mind. They're intentionally simple and, like any good goal, achievable and realistic. 

  1. Give people a fishing experience unlike anything they could find in Arkansas
  2. Find partners who are as passionate about the outdoors and the natural state as we are
  3. Always use the best gear available
  4. Have fun

According to our customers, we have numbers 1, 3 and 4 mastered. We're awfully proud of that.

We've been working really hard on number 2. For us, that means working with people who make the best products for our business. That also means teaming up with folks who have the same principles and purpose for their business. Today, we're proud to announce our first partnership and you're going to LOVE IT! 

We are proud to announce that we are the official Rock Monkey Outfitters trout guide service. We have spent a lot of time with the #TeamRockMonkey and we love those guys. They have the same vision to share the love of the outdoors with every Arkansan - and beyond.

We're going to kick off the partnership with a Summer Giveaway, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We'll also be sporting their gear on the boat and sharing that with some of our clients. Keep an eye out for the new summer line, we'll be sporting it starting next week. If you want to snag some for yourself, do it here and tell them we sent you. Comment below and tell us your favorite item in their shop.