Something Sounds Fishy

Experience is the core of what we're doing with this guide service. Sure, we catch fish and we catch lots of them. We know that's why you hire us. But for us, it goes deeper than that. We genuinely want you to have a good time. We want you to step back on dry land saying that's one of the best experiences I've ever had. We call that success.

How do we provide the best guided fishing experience on the Little Red? We can't tell you that, it's our secret. You'll have to fish with us to get the whole story. What we will tell you is that music is a big part of our trips. I've been thinking about that lately, so I thought I would hop on and share one of my newest playlists, Trout l Tempo.

Trout I Tempo Playlist

We keep a UE Mini Boom bluetooth speaker on the boat at all times. You can request this playlist, bring your own or even request that we make one just for your trip. We'll make it happen because we understand, life really does need a soundtrack. 

So go ahead, put together a playlist that's so perfect the fish will be chomping your hook just to jam and send it our way. We'll have it ready for you on our trip. Until then, enjoy this playlist and comment below to recommend more tunes for us.